Electronic submission of documents
Since 2014, we have been using an E-TVL (Electronic sickness benefit document).  If the employer supplies the data of the employee electronically, the employee does not need to get a physical document from the doctor. When the period of incapacity ends, the doctor formalizes the electronic document in the computer and submits it to the EHIF database. When the employer submits the document through the state portal eesti.ee, the employee receives the benefit a few days after the employer has submitted the data.
Sickness benefit
The benefit for temporary incapacity to work is a monetary compensation paid to insured persons on the basis of a certificate of incapacity to work, if the person foregoes social-taxed income due to a temporary exemption from work. The procedure of paying the benefit for temporary incapacity to work depends on the type of certificate of incapacity to work and the cause of the incapacity to work.
In the case of illness, quarantine, non-work, traffic injury and the complications or illnesses caused by said occurrence, the benefit is paid by the employer from day 4 to day 8. By day 9, the benefit is paid by the Health Insurance Fund. In other cases (occupational disease, occupational accident (incl. traffic-related occupational accident and complications or illness caused as a result of an occupational accident), injuries caused as a result of protecting national or public interests and preventing a criminal offence), the benefit is paid only by the Health Insurance Fund and starting by the second day of the exemption from work. 
The benefit paid by the employer is based on the employee’s average wages during the last six months; the benefit paid by the Health Insurance Fund is based on the social tax paid for the employee during the calendar year preceding the illness (the relevant data can be obtained from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board).