The contract partners of the Health Insurance Fund are hospitals, outpatient specialist care providers, family doctors, dentists and others healthcare providers with whom contracts for financing medical treatment are entered into for the provision of health care services to insured persons. Close cooperation is also performed with pharmacies, sellers of medical aids, professional societies and patient organizations, health promoters and the Ministry of Social Affairs and other government agencies.

Administrative units of the Health Insurance Fund:



 E-mail address   


  Areas covered by the Department

Harju Department

Lastekodu 48, 10144, Tallinn

Secretary 603 3630

Fax 603 3631

Harju County


Pärnu Department

Lai 14, 80010, Pärnu

Secretary 447 7666

Fax 447 7670

Pärnu County

Lääne County

Saare County

Hiiu County

Rapla County

Tartu Department

Põllu 1a, 50303, Tartu

Secretary 744 7430

Fax 744 7431

Tartu County

Valga County

Viljandi County

Võru County

Jõgeva County

Viru Department

Nooruse 5, 41597, Jõhvi

Secretary 335 4470

Fax 335 4480

Ida-Viru County

Lääne-Viru County

Järva County

Central Department

Lembitu 10, 10114, Tallinn

Secretary 620 8430                      ­

Fax 620 8449