Calculation of benefit for incapacity for work

Employer calculates the sickness benefit:The EHIF calculates the benefit for incapacity to work:

on the basis of the employee's average salary for the last six months.

on the basis of the data on social security tax calculated or paid for the employee for the previous calendar year, as received from the Tax and Customs Board. See the information on the state portal under the service "My incapacity for work certificates".

In the event of an illness or injury, an insured person has the right to receive sickness benefit until the date on which their capacity for work is restored as specified in the certificate for sick leave, but not for more than 240 consecutive calendar days in the event of tuberculosis or 182 consecutive calendar days in the event of any other illness.

If necessary, a doctor may issue a certificate for sick leave for a longer time than the reimbursable period. This limitation applies only to the period for which the benefit is paid, and not to the duration of the sick leave certificate.