Pensioners and the EU

A pensioner who wishes to move to Estonia or from Estonia to another EU member state is entitled to health care on equal terms with the residents of the given state. If an Estonian pensioner wishes to move to another member state, then it is possible to apply for a form E121/S1 to receive health care abroad. In several cases, Estonia will remain the insuring country of the person living abroad.

To receive the form E121/S1, it is necessary to file an application at the local department of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. The application form is also available at customer service offices. After being issued the form E121/S1, the person still retains the right to receive health care during a temporary stay in Estonia, for example while coming to visiting family or for holidays. To prove the right for necessary health care, the person must present his/her ID card or other identity document with the Estonian identification code. The right to receive services considered planned treatment in Estonia (i.e. surgery planned in advance; services that can be postponed until the return of the person to his/her state of residence, etc.) will be suspended for the period during which the pensioner is insured in another EU member state on the basis of the form E121/S1.

If a pensioner from another member state wishes to move to Estonia, then he/she must submit either a form E121 or S1 to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Information about the process of getting insured.

NB! If you travel outside the European Union, then it is advisable to get private travel insurance. The Health Insurance Fund does not govern this domain.