Forms E115 and E116

In connection with paying sickness benefit for a patient insured in a European Union Member State in a foreign state, a competent authority of the European Union Member State may require additional information on forms E116 and E115.

In order to receive the respective forms, the patient must ask their attending physician to fill in the form E116 and submit it to the Health Insurance Fund together with the application.  

On form E116, the person’s attending physician must fill in the boxes or fields no. 3, 4 and 5 (making sure to add their stamp to clause 4). Please fill in the form using capital letters. Once the form is completed, please mail it to Pärnu Department of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund at the address Lai 14, 80010 Pärnu. The Health Insurance Fund will then fill in the fields 1, 2 and 8 on the form E116 and complete the form E115.

If you have any questions about filling in the form, please contact the consultants of the Harju Department of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund over the phone at 443 0237 or via the e-mail address ines.kullamaa [at] haigekassa.eekatrin.toom [at] or eve.lilienthal [at]

Certificate of incapacity for work issued in a foreign state

The Health Insurance Fund also pays the benefit for temporary incapacity for work on the basis of a document certifying the illness issued by a doctor of a foreign state.

Document certifying the illness issued by a doctor of a foreign state must be submitted to the employer who will add the employer’s certificate (additional form in a PDF file format, Word file format) to it and submit the documents to the Health Insurance Fund together with an accompanying document.

In the Health Insurance Fund, each insured person has only one bank account on which to receive the benefit. As such, we are drawing attention to the fact that if the Health Insurance Fund has been given data regarding different bank accounts for the purpose of receiving financial benefits (benefit for incapacity for work, benefit for dental service, additional benefit for medicinal products), the transfers of all unpaid financial benefits will be made to the bank account provided last.

The beneficiary can check their bank account data using the citizen portal or over the Health Insurance Fund client information phone 669 6630.

Bank account data can be changed in the citizen portal or using the form available on the Health Insurance Fund website and submitting it to the Health Insurance Fund – either by post or via e-mail. Health Insurance Fund contacts are available here.

Upon the request of the Health Insurance Fund, a translation into Estonian certified by a sworn translator must be appended to the certificate issued by a doctor of a foreign state. The costs associated with translating the certificate are borne by the insured person.