Channels of appeal and compensation

Channels of appeal and compensationIf you are not satisfied with the everyday conditions of medical institutions or the health workers level of communication, you should always first bring this to the attention of the management of that medical institution. Health care providers are required, in their place of activity, to disclose the patient's right to receive contact details and make a complaint to health service provider's management, the regional department of health insurance fund or the Health Board concerning the provision of health service.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of health service provided, you have the right to turn to the Health Board, who will start the supervision proceedings, if necessary. Detailed description of complaints procedure can be found here.

The Health insurance fund may monitor the quality and availability of health services provided by its contractual partners. The list of health insurance fund’s partners can be found here.
You can inform of quality and availability issues concerning health care services at info|ä|

If you doubt the quality of medical service, you should contact advisory expert committee on health care quality working under the Ministry of Social Affairs. If the committee has identified a medical error, they will inform the physician and the medical institution that made the error, and where appropriate, recommends the association of professionals to check the professional competency of the medical professional who made the error. The committee may, in their decision, make suggestions, give advice or recommendations, but it cannot require the doctor or the medical institution to compensate the patient for the damage caused by the medical error.
Detailed description of complaints procedure can be found here.

Further information: The role of health care service providers in quality assurance.


If it is determined that the patient was harmed during the provision of health care service, it is possible to appeal for compensation:
 1) to the provider of health care service
 2) to civil court.

Voluntary liability insurance

Estonian Medical Association (EAL) and the insurance company If P&C Insurance AS have signed a professional liability insurance, which covers all the practicing doctors who are members of EAL.

More information at: (Estonian only).

Patient representatives

Estonian Patients Union